Spikezen Services

  • Ad Formats

    Mobile, desktop, video, native,CPI/CPA - you can monetize everything

  • Demand

    Connected to a high number of big demand partners and direct advertisers.

  • Yield optimization

    The RTB auction enabled by Our platform allows publishers and media buyers to determine each impression value, optimize yield and maximize revenue


    We are available for you 24/7 Skype and Email, because the Internet never sleeps.

  • On time payments

    Receive your payments via PayPal or bank wire. When choosing PayPal, there is no minimum payout amount. We pay on time, every time.

  • Technology

    Our platform is constantly developing, and we're adding some new features.

  • High ECPM

    ou get high ecpm using our platform by setting the minimum (floor) price for your inventory.

  • Fraud Prevention

    To ensure the highest quality is maintained, Every single ad goes through manual and automatic tests before going live.